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Progressive Chiropractic has been happy to serve Sydney since 2013.

From national champion sports stars to weekend warriors to hard working desk jockeys, everyone is an athlete.

Driven by a passion to empower people through movement, we approach each case with a sense thoroughness to uncover the unique contributing factors for each individual’s situation. Whether it’s acute neck or shoulder pain, chronic low back pain or just a sense that things aren’t moving right, an in depth orthopaedic and functional movement assessment builds a picture of what underlying factors may be contributing to any given problem as well as other potential problems lying in wait.

Assessments look at global functional movement as well as sports specific movements. Similarly, much of the treatment is done through movement or in functional positions relating to sport or work requirements.

We hold regular chiropractic functional movement screens at gyms around Sydney including Surry Hills, Darlighurst, Redfern and Ultimo and Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. If you are you are interested in hosting a Functional Movement Screen