3 tips to keep you mobile this Summer

If you are having challenges with your mobility, feeling stiff or tight, think about how often you push yourself to the edge of your movement capacity. Whether it be sinking into a nice long stretch or curling into a tight ball or even stretching over the back of the couch to retrieve the remote, chances are, it’s a pretty rare occurrence.

The problem is, the less we move, the less we can move, the less we want to move, and so, the less we move and on it goes until many end up shuffling around, unable to touch our toes or scratch our own backs.

  1. Start the day with mobility. Getting limber at the start of the day helps set the tone for the rest of the day. It also helps wake the body up, improves your mood and helps improve circulation. A few sun salutes or just some light stretching can make a world of difference.
  2. Long drive up the coast for your holiday? Big flight? Long periods sitting down cause the body to stiffen up. Take a break. Get up out of your seat, take a walk, have a stretch, BREATHE! The body loves movement. Move it.
  3. Play! Summer is a great time to get outside and play. Get down on the ground with kids or your pets, climb around the rocks at the beach, wrestle, dance, squat down, crawl, roll around on the grass. Find your inner child and set it free.

Use it or lose it.