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The Cable Woodchop

19th Jun 2015

The Cable Woodchop is a great exercise that helps improve core function and stability. Check out the PDF here Cable wood chop  

Straighten Up Australia

18th Jun 2013

Straighten Up Australia is an easy and enjoyable everyday program to improve your spinal health and the way your body functions. Consisting of a set of simple exercises and taking […]

Sitting is the new smoking

30th May 2013

A great article which highlights an important and under-reported health issue. When you finish reading it, GET UP and MOVE! You know you want to. Read the article¬†HERE  

Thoracic Towel Roll

28th May 2013

Rounded shoulders, forward head carriage and a slumped posture are all signs of chronic postural fatigue. If this has been persisting over time your body will need help to straighten […]

Hip Hinge

28th May 2013

Sedentary lifestyles are at the root of so many postural, physical and mental problems. One of the key muscles groups that suffer is the glutes, particularly Gluteus Maximus. It makes […]