Chiropractor heads up USA Olympic Medical Team – Why?

A colleague of mine just shared a post on social media about the fact that the Chief Medical Officer of the USA Olympic Team is a chiropractor. Apart from being proud to see a chiropractor working in such high level office, I was keen to talk about why a chiropractor is a good fit for the role.

There are many attributes needed to fill such a position, but what makes a chiropractor a good choice is how they look at the body. Medical doctors are experts at diagnosing and treating disease and sickness. And while this is an incredibly important role, I am not sure that many of the athletes at the games would be suffering from major illness.

Chiropractors on the other hand, while skilled and trained in differential diagnosis, are experts in the nervous system, movement, and function. The ultimate expression of these elements is performance and performance is certainly what these athletes are interested in, especially when races come down to fractions of a second.  So really, it makes perfect sense that a chiropractor is in the top job for an Olympic team.

You do not have to be a top level athlete to benefit from chiropractic. I believe, if you can move, you are an athlete. Whether you compete internationally or locally, hit the gym or hit the streets, or just enjoy playing with your kids, you have movement that can be optimised and performance that can be improved. You can benefit from chiropractic.

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