Dr. Matt visits local kindergarten with a special message

Last week Dr. Matthew Wall joined a team of chiropractors across the state in the Straighten Up Australia campaign.

Dr. Wall headed down to the local John K Carroll preschool in Surry Hills to teach the kids about the importance of having good posture and to teach them some simple and fun exercises.

“The SUA exercises take about three minutes to complete and are highly effective at improving posture, stabilising core muscle groups, preventing spinal problems and enhancing overall health,” Dr Wall said.

“It is about teaching kids healthy habits. Kids learn from a very early age about the importance of brushing their teeth and not eating too many lollies. As a chiropractor, teaching kids to stretch and strengthen their posture regularly is just as important as dental hygiene and kids are really receptive to this, especially when it’s lots of fun too.”

“Dr Matt” as he became known, will be back in 6 weeks to see how the kids are going.

For more information and to download the exercises for yourself, visit the Straighten Up Australia website HERE