Fish Oil vs Drugs

Evidence published in the British Journal Lancet indicates that prescription of fish-oil supplements were superior to the prescription of popular cholesterol-reducing drug Crestor.

For four years, Italian researchers conducted two parallel studies of nearly 11,500 patients diagnosed with heart failure, comparing the effects of a prescription fish oil supplement to Crestor. Patients given a fish oil pill were less susceptible to hospitalization or death than those given Crestor.

Fish oil has long been known to lower triglicerides, slow the hardening of arteries, and reduce blood pressure. It is also important for brain and nerve health. Having a balanced diet and maintaining an active lifestyle is the best way to reduce your risk of heart disease and other lifestyle diseases. Supplementing with fish oil can be good insurance that you are getting adequate amounts of Omega-3s.

Always speak to your doctor for advice about your medication and supplements before making any changes.

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