Health Report – Radio National

A compelling radio article highlighting the need for us to eat well on the ABC’s Radio National. HERE

When we eat foods that are not congruent with our primal blueprint, we move away from health. Foods high in processed carbohydrates including breads, pastas, rice, grains, soft drinks and sweets push the body towards fat storage and inflammation. This article outlines how this happens and why we need to eat well.

From the RN website:

Politicians, doctors and others continue to wring their hands about the intractability of the obesity epidemic and the rise in type 2 diabetes.

But there’s a growing belief that the mantra that obesity is caused by eating too many calories and burning too few might be far too simplistic.

There’s growing support for the work of European researchers before World War Two, who believed that obesity wasn’t so much a problem of energy consumption and expenditure, but a disorder of fat accumulation.