Integrated Dry Needling

Integrated Dry Needling (IDN) is an integral part of therapy at Progressive Chiropractic in Surry Hills. It is often a source of great curiosity for patients and other clinicians. I chose this particular style of dry needling for 3 key reasons.

Integrated Dry Needling is a system of dry needling that involves identifying all of the significant abnormal impulse generating sites in the musculoskeletal system which are contributing to movement dysfunction, pathological processes and pain sensitivity.

  1. Unlike trigger point style dry needling, which is often painful and uncomfortable for the patient, IDN is applied in a way that is comfortable and mostly pain free, keeping the patients pain load as low as possible.
  2. IDN is functional movement based approach. It ties in seamlessly with the Functional Movement Systems used at the practice. In both models pain is often considered a response to tissue to overload due to a movement problem elsewhere, rather than a problem itself. The idea of regional interdependence is a key element in identifying and managing injuries.
  3. It is a good way to access some soft tissue injuries which may be contraindicated with other more aggressive types of dry needling.

For more information about Integrated Dry Needling and how it can help you as a patients or practitioner, visit their website: INTEGRATED DRY NEEDLING

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