For neck pain relief, seeing a Chiropractor and exercising, better than drugs

Pain Killers or Chiropractic?
Neck pain often stems from poor posture and faulty biomechanics, not a lack of drugs. Your chiropractor is highly trained at assessing and correcting your posture. Chiropractic offers neck pain relief that last because it addresses the underlying problem. Masking your pain with drugs is not only not as effective, it fails to do anything to addresses the actual problem.

How’s your neck feeling?

Check out this article from the New York Times. HERE

At Progressive Chiropractic getting to the root of the problem is very important. Often, education is just as important as treatment itself. We take the time to gather an extensive history. We may ask questions that may seem irrelevant or obscure, but it helps us create a clear picture and allows us to give advice about lifestyle factors that may be affecting your condition. Check out the exercises listed on our wellness wall. The Chin Tuck, Cervical Towel Roll and Wall Angel are great postural exercises that are easy to do.

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