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Thoracic Towel Roll

28th May 2013

Rounded shoulders, forward head carriage and a slumped posture are all signs of chronic postural fatigue. If this has been persisting over time your body will need help to straighten […]

Hip Hinge

28th May 2013

Sedentary lifestyles are at the root of so many postural, physical and mental problems. One of the key muscles groups that suffer is the glutes, particularly Gluteus Maximus. It makes […]

WatersEdge YOGA

28th May 2013

Progressive Chiropractic is pleased to announce the start of morning Yoga classes. WatersEdge Yoga is offering boutique yoga classes in the mornings at the practice. It’s a great way to […]

Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea

27th May 2013

Last Thursday we hosted an Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea fund raiser for the Cancer Council. It was great success with online and cash donations totalling over $500. Thank you to […]

Glute Activation exercise

Glute Bridge

17th Mar 2013

Download the Glute Bridge PDF The Glute Bridge or Hip Lift is a good exercise to help activate and strengthen the glute muscles. Adding in heel lifts or doing it […]

Core exercise

Dead Bug

14th Mar 2013

Funny name, awesome exercise. The dead bug is an excellent way to train your core muscles and help support the lower back and pelvis.

Mac Daddy!

12th Mar 2013

The Food of the day is not Maccas. It’s the king of Omega 3s, it’s the Mac Daddy of anti-inflammation, brain health and cardiovascular health. Links for recipes at the […]