Happy Feet

Keeping your feet healthy and strong is much the same as keeping the rest of you health and strong. Unfortunately for many of us, we’ve been taught unhealthy habbits when it comes to our feet and it can have a big impact on our lives.


The shoes we wear can have a big impact on the health of our feet. Many shoes do not at all look like feet. Even our sports shoes tend to have a very confined toe box and rigid arch supports.

Finding a shoe for your every day that allows the foot move and conform to the terrain can help imporve the strength and health of the foot.

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Building strong feet takes time and can be frustrating. But like any other part of the body, if you are consistent for long enough, you’re bound to see results.

Start with getting barefoot more often. Actively splay the toes. Walk on uneven terrain like the sandstone at the beach.

To get into more in depth training, check out the foot collective.