PT Profile – Ilena

Progressive Chiropractic is pleased to introduce and endorse Ilena Susup, Personal Trainer.

Ilena Susup

When she was four years old growing up in Istanbul, she dreamed of being Olympic figure skater. The dream was blurry back then, and it disappeared when she had to quit ice skating after 9 years of competing as a pro athlete. She started teaching ice-skating for a while, that’s how her coaching career started…
It didn’t take very long for her to discover functional training. She always believed she was made to move, to think!
“Master your mind, master your body!” she says.
After years of experience and education she committed herself to helping people how to train their mind as their body as well as weaponise their weaknesses and sharpen their strength.
4 key elements she believes in order to be able to reach your full potential;
– Believe in yourself
– Trust the process
– Stay hungry for success
– AND most importantly have fun!
– 5+ years coaching experience in fitness industry
– Cert III & IV 
– PrecisionNutrition, Pn1
– 8weeksout Cert, by Joel Jamieson
– Olympic Weightlifting Seminar
Currently, she’s offering 15% discount if you get a PT PACK (10 sessions). She’s running the sessions at Steel Park Marrickville or you can choose online training option. For more information;

Check her out @coach.ilenasusup