SFMA – Functional Movement Assessment

Surry Hills Chiropractor – SFMA

Hot off the heels of the SFMA course in Sydney last weekend, Chiropractor Dr. Matthew Wall is excited about offering a comprehensive movement based assessment at the practice.

The SMFA is a ‘top to toe’ systematic approach to movement based functional diagnosis. It looks beyond what is painful or symptomatic to get to the heart of the problem. From the website – “When the clinical assessment is initiated from the perspective of the movement pattern, the clinician has the opportunity to identify meaningful impairments that may be seemingly unrelated to the main musculoskeletal complaint, but contribute to the associated disability. This concept, known as Regional Interdependence, is the hallmark of the SFMA.”
Dr Matt has been working alongside Mestre Fabio Glazer’s Brazilian Jui-Jitsu team as they prepare for their big tournament in Brazil later this year. Using SFMA, Dr Matt has successfully identified deficiencies and imbalances in players, giving them time to restore function and create balance before they head over for the big tournament.

If you are interested in peak performance, injury prevention or finally getting to the cause a long standing or recurring injury, this is for you! Call the practice TODAY!