SFMA – Now at Progressive Chiropractic


Progressive Chiropractic is excited to offer full Selective Functional Movement Assessments. Following completion of the Advanced Certificate SFMA, Dr Matthew has been using this powerful assessment to help all sorts of people. Whether it’s chronic pain, a niggling tightness that keeps coming back or just the feeling that something isn’t right, the SFMA offers a comprehensive assessment that looks at tissue, joint and neuromuscular motor control in a systematic way that gets to the heart of the problem.

~ The SFMA is a fantastic tool. It doesn’t replace what I do,
it adds to it. ~
Dr. Matthew Wall

The SFMA takes about half an hour and will test the way you move and find what’s holding you back.

The assessment breaks down basic movement patterns such as touching your toes and looks at it’s component parts allowing us to discern exactly what is preventing proper movement and proper function. On top of this, the assessment differentiates between motor control issues and tissue & joint restrictions. The beauty of the assessment comes from its global approach and integration of motor control rehabilitation. By looking at global movements like bending, twisting, squatting and reaching, we are able to see how specific restrictions can impact overall function and quickly see how correcting any restrictions can quickly and drastically improve overall function.