Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea

Last Thursday we hosted an Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea fund raiser for the Cancer Council.Print

It was great success with online and cash donations totalling over $500. Thank you to everyone who got involved either through donations or bringing things along on the day.

Prevention is better than cure was key message we were promoting on the day. There was a discussion around shifting the paradigm from a sickness based model of care to a wellness based model of care where people are encouraged to take responsibility for their health rather than blame bad luck, bad genes or bad germs on their level of health. To that end we were treated to some amazing alternatives to ordinary highly processed morning tea snacks like biscuits, chocolates or cupcakes. Ingredients included coconut flour, chia seeds, green tea and nuts to name just a few. The spread included gluten free takes on short bread, banana bread, and my favourite, the coconut flour strawberry shortcakes. YUM! If we’re lucky we might even be able to post some of the recipes here. Stay tuned.