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Fruit Juice as bad as Coke

26th Aug 2013

An interesting article from the SMH looking at the amount of sugar contained in typical fruit juices. Some people may be surprised to hear that a standard bottle of fruit […]

Health Report – Radio National

18th Aug 2013

A compelling radio article highlighting the need for us to eat well on the ABC’s Radio National. HERE When we eat foods that are not congruent with our primal blueprint, we […]

Fish Oil vs Drugs

4th Jun 2013

Evidence published in the British Journal Lancet indicates that prescription of fish-oil supplements were superior to the prescription of popular cholesterol-reducing drug Crestor. For four years, Italian researchers conducted two parallel studies […]

Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea

27th May 2013

Last Thursday we hosted an Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea fund raiser for the Cancer Council. It was great success with online and cash donations totalling over $500. Thank you to […]

Mac Daddy!

12th Mar 2013

The Food of the day is not Maccas. It’s the king of Omega 3s, it’s the Mac Daddy of anti-inflammation, brain health and cardiovascular health. Links for recipes at the […]