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PT Profile – Ilena

19th Jul 2021

Progressive Chiropractic is pleased to introduce and endorse Ilena Susup, Personal Trainer. When she was four years old growing up in Istanbul, she dreamed of being Olympic figure skater. The […]

PT Profile – Sonia

19th Jul 2021

  Sonia Progressive Chiropractic is pleased to introduce and endorse, Sonia Kania, Lifestyle Coach. Please reach out if you’d like to learn how Sonia can help you.

Progressing the Squat

26th Nov 2019

Getting into a deep squat is something that we should all be able to do. Functionally, the squat challenges many aspects of human movement. Watching someone’s squat can tell me […]

Building resilience, adaptability and autonomy

30th May 2017

More than quick fix pain treatment and cookie cutter treatment protocols. Progressive Chiropractic treats every body like an athlete. Getting you back to 150%. That’s the goal. If 100% got […]

Kettlebells for Rehab

18th May 2017

Recently I was asked to present at the International Federation for Sports Chiropractors (FICS). It was an honour and privilege to work alongside such a talented and inspiring group of […]

Love Handles – I <3 kettlebells

2nd Dec 2016

My love of kettlebells Many of my clients know my fondness of kettlebells. People new to the practice are often intrigued by the presence of a squat rack, the colourful […]

3 tips to keep you mobile this Summer

2nd Dec 2016

If you are having challenges with your mobility, feeling stiff or tight, think about how often you push yourself to the edge of your movement capacity. Whether it be sinking […]